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Dreamland IT & Software is a leading IT company in Bangladesh. Leads Digital Service and Business Development Services. Website Design Graphics Design Mobile Application Development software development and more service are available for Develop and progress your business. 

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We provide 50+ more services for dynamically control your business in virtual customer. You know that in internet place there are 108+ Million user are active internet user. They find you on internet. So why you lost them??

We are Dreamland IT and Software  served for your business. Consultant with our Business Developer Team and Get Your Service Soon. We are ready and Committed to your service.

Fields of expertise

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Graphic Design

Create new something for your awesome branding.Our creative designer are ready for you. 

Web development

Create professional responsive modern website for your brand and keep your business in digital platform 


Increase your sells now virtually convert from your local shop to online shop. And Sells in internet world wide. 

Software Development

Custom Software Development.If you Need any Custom module online software you got it from our Expert Software Developer

Mobile App

Need Mobile Apps for your business Contact with our Mobile Application Developer.And get your Exclusive Mobile app.

Digital Marketing solution

.facebook marketing google marketing search engine optimization linkeding and others online marketing are available.

Develop your Business With our services

why your client think you are best?

Most of the client judge you depend on your social activity.Social Activity at means Facebook Twitter linkedin google and also your business website.

So you need clean and modern branding.That’s why you need clean website with touch of graphical design.

Graphics design

Unique logo clean design bannar visiting card and others design for your web

Business Website

Each business need clean modern and responsive website.

Digital marketing

Promote your business in internet platform and branding with your virtual customer​